Otorhinolaryngology in Mallorca, Doctors Eigels de Clinica Picasso


Ear - Nose and Throat Medicine


Tel: (+34) 971 220 666
Tel: (24h) (+34) 639 353 492

Dr. med. Thomas Eigel & Dr. med. Bettina Eigel

Services include:

  • allergy testing
  • hearing tests for all ages
  • specialist hearing tests tracking related brain functions - especially valuable for babies and children
  • diagnosis and treatment of tinnitus
  • treatment for snoring
  • diagnosis and treatment of balance related disorders
  • stroboscopic investigation of vocal and speech disorders
  • investigation of persistant and acute headaches
  • routine check-ups for smokers
  • modern video based endoscopic examinations
  • ultrasound scans

Types of operation performed include:

  • conventional surgery
  • specialist microsurgery including -
  • middle ear operations to improve hearing
  • endoscopic nasal surgery
  • laser assisted surgery
  • plastic surgery
  • collagen or hyaluronic acid injections for reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
  • modern outpatient treatment using plasma surgery performed under local anaesthetic:
  • tensioning of soft palate for snorers
  • improvement of nasal breathing.
ENT (ear, nose and throat) operations are performed either as an outpatient or an in-patient at the private clinic at the Clinica Picasso or at Juaneda in Palma de Mallorca. 


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