Dr Christian Buhl


Internal Medicine & Gastroenterology

Specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology, sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy, specialisation in palliative medicine.

Summary of professional career

Born in 1955 in Oppeln, Upper Silesia, grew up in Germany. Studied medicine in Cologne, then trained in internal medicine in well-known hospitals in Leverkusen, Cologne and Hamburg.

1989 Qualification as a specialist in internal medicine,

1993 Senior consultant in the internal medicine department at Klinikum Nord in Hamburg (the largest hospital in Hamburg and one of the largest in northern Germany), with a specialisation in general internal medicine and oncology/haematology.

1999 Qualification in colonoscopy/sigmoidoscopy (colonoscopy).

2008 Additional qualification in palliative medicine

Since 2010 Active and advanced training in gastroenterology with Prof. Dr. Herrlinger.

2019 Qualification as a specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology

In addition to endoscopy and gastroenterological and internal medicine functional diagnostics, I have decades of experience in ultrasound diagnostics of all organ systems (organs of the abdomen as well as the draining urinary tract, thyroid gland and lymph nodes, blood vessels and heart).

Years of experience in contrast sonography of the abdomen (ultrasound contrast media are used for further clarification of unclear findings, such as masses in the liver or other abdominal organs. With the help of microscopic gas bubbles as echo enhancers, the blood flow to the organs can be precisely visualised.

My department was a certified treatment facility for diabetes mellitus type 2 since 2016, and for type 1 since 2019.

Since January 2022, initially working on a deputising basis at the Clinica Picasso under the care of Dr L. Chadid.

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