Dr Joseph van Dessel

Doctor Joseph Van, Urologist at Clinica Picasso Palma



Conservative Urology

  • Complete urological check-up examination for man and woman
  • Complete top ultrasound examination with power-duplex and color Doppler technology (Siemens)
  • Full laboratory examination: blood, urin, sperm, excretions. Blood and urinary tests for cancer prevention. Laboratory for sexual transmitted diseases and venereal diseases
  • All urological emergencies
  • Biplane ultrasound prostate examination with Color- Doppler; prostate biopsy under biplane ultrasound control
  • Prostate cancer: prevention and therapy, control examinations with power-duplex and color Doppler ultrasound, flexible endoscopy. Medication and chemotherapy for prostate cancer
  • Diagnosis and therapy of sexual disorders: erectile and ejaculatory dysfunction, aging male syndrome: prevention and dietary counseling
  • Therapy of urological infectious diseases: kidneys, bladder, prostate; genital infections and sexual transmitted diseases
  • Medical therapy of all urological cancer diseases
  • Urological stone disease: medical and endoscopic (laser) therapy and prevention
  • Diagnosis, prevention and therapy of urinary incontinence : complete urodynamic exploration, medical therapy and botox therapy
  • Complete urodynamic laboratory with also electromyography (Laborie)
  • Urology for the child and the adolescent: bedwetting, varicocoele, hydrocele, cryptorchidia,vesico-ureteral reflux,penile and infectional problems of the urinary tract
  • Diagnosis and therapy for problems with the fertility; spermanalysis

Interventional Urology

  • All types of urological interventions: operative, endoscopic and laparoscopic
  • Minimal invasive, conventional and endoscopic interventions for benign and malignant prostatic diseases. (also bipolar resection and Greenlight –Laser therapy )
  • Endoscopic resection and therapy for bladder polyps and cancer (laser and bipolar)
  • Surgery and laparoscopy for benign and malignant diseases of the kidney, bladder and testicles
  • Minimal invasive therapy for urological stone disease: ureterorenoscopy , lithothripsy , baskets, lasertherapy , stents .
  • Minimal invasive therapy and surgery for urinary incontinence and cystocoele for man and woman: sling (also male sling), meshes, botox
  • Endoscopic lasertreatment for urethral strictures; progressive dilatation; urethroplasty
  • Plastic reconstruction of the penis in case of curvature
  • Surgical therapy for scrotal diseases: hydrocele, cysts, tumors and varicocoele: embolisation, laparoscopy. Surgery for benign and malignant scrotal tumors .
  • Surgery for phimosis (plastie) and cryptorchidy (testicular ectopy).
  • Sterilisation for men (minimal invasive vasectomy) , restoration of the fertility after vasectomy (microscopic vaso-vasostomy
  • Plastic intervention of the male and female genitals
  • Surgery for the child: congenital abnormalities: hernia, hydrocele, varicocoele, phimosis

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