Dr. med. Christian Gmelin – New Specialist in Internal Medicine at Clínica Picasso
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Blood donation campaign during the Open Day at Clínica Picasso on November 15th 2017

Dr. med. Christian Gmelin – New Specialist in Internal Medicine at Clínica Picasso

Dr. Christian Gmelin – Nuevo Internista en la Clínica Picasso

Dr. Christian Gmelin – New Specialist in Internal Medicine at Clínica Picasso

The Clínica Picasso is among the best known medical centers in Mallorca. Specialists of many different fields of medicine work together here and the doctors have a modern and up-to-date equipment at their disposal professionals and patients benefit from. The concept of high-end medicine paired with sufficient time for each patient corresponds completely to my philosophy and professional attitude as a doctor. It´s the only way to really clear up health issues thoroughly and to rule out pathologies reliably.

After having substituted for Dr Chadid, the cardiologist and internist of the Clínica Picasso, during the last three years (apart from working at the Juaneda Hospital), I´m looking forward to now being able to see patients full time at the Clínica Picasso!

My personal relation to Spain started years ago during my studies of medicine when I had the opportunity to spend a student exchange year at the University of Córdoba in Andalucia where I also did practical training at the university hospital. Some years later I returned to Spain for a medical clerkship at the university hospital of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. In Germany I could gain medical experience at the Charité Hospital of Berlin and do internships in in- and out-patient clinics in Heidelberg and Hamburg. During my time as a resident at the Fürth Hospital in Southern Germany I spent several years in the department of cardiology and pulmonology, one year in gastroenterology and diabetology, two years in a center of dialysis and the ultrasound department and was on duty in the emergency room and the ICU of the hospital. Besides this I continued my education as a doctor in the geriatric and rehabilitation department and completed the education as an emergency doctor.

Being a doctor means much more to me than simply doing my job. It´s a real vocation. Here at the Clínica Picasso we have the perfect conditions to make this attitude towards the medical profession reality. I´m looking forward to taking care of you at the Clínica Picasso, no matter, if you have an acute or chronic health problem or if you would like me to do a general check-up.

Good health!

Dr Christian Gmelin

Specialist in Internal Medicine – Clínica Picasso

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