Internist & Cardiologist

Dr Luai Chadid

Doctor Luai Chadid, Internist and Cardiologist at Clinica Picasso Mallorca


Internal Medicine & Cardiology

Dr Luai Chadid, born 1962 in Germany, works as Consultant Internist and Cardiologist. During his training, he had the opportunity to work in various prestigious medical institutions in Germany. After 2 years in the field of haematology and oncology (blood- and cancer diseases) at the University Hospital Ulm, he also began his training as an emergency doctor in the emergency department in this hospital. Afterwards, he worked in a large gastroenterological department in which he was able to acquire extensive knowledge in endoscopic diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. In January 1999, he received the board certification as a specialist in internal medicine. Ultimately, he could follow his dream and finish his training as a cardiologist in the Berlin Trauma Centre, where he was responsible for all internal emergencies in the emergency room. In 2000, he finally received the title of cardiologist. From his mentor Prof. Kleber he learned the demanding technique of invasive cardiology, which he could use as a senior physician in Sanaklinikum Berlin, an academic teaching hospital of the University Charité. Dr. Chadid still works there as a panel doctor.

Thanks to the most advanced equipment and the diagnostic and therapeutic options (own laboratory, digital X-ray equipment, digital 3D ultrasound, intensive care equipment, etc.), we may realize rapid diagnosis and treatment of even serious diseases.

Cardiopulmonary system

The Clinica Picasso is the only ambulatory medical centre who disposes of the new Vivid E95 is GE Healthcare's first cardiovascular ultrasound system, built specifically for 4D imaging — from ergonomics and image acquisition to data management and archiving. 4D cardiac ultrasound is especially effective in making a cardiac study more efficient, particularly in stress echo studies. The technology has gained a lot of traction and it provides so many different views of the heart with a single capture. No longer does the tech have to find different windows to get an image, they can choose the best window and get all necessary views of the heart.

  • ECG at rest and ECG during exercise
  • 4-dimensional Colour Doppler echocardiography of the heart
  • Lung function at rest (spirometry)
  • Spiroergometry (cardiopulmonary exercise test (anaerobic threshold, VO2max)
  • Digital radiography (x-ray) chest and abdomen. Further radiological examinations (CT scans and MRI´s) are realized in cooperation with the Clinica Palma Plana & Clinica Rotger within 24h to 48h!
  • Investigation of the coronary vessels (coronary angiography) and angioplasty (balloon dilatation and implantation of new generation of drug eluted stents) if necessary
  • Implantation of (biventricular) pacemakers, heart monitors and Cardioverter-Defibrillator
  • Target: Assessing the functional state of your cardiopulmonary system and therapy of related diseases.

Abdomen, bowel, internal organs

New horizons in the Clinica Picasso: HD+ Endoscopy with i-SCAN Imaging Technology - an exciting new technology!
A competent and experienced team of doctors and care will now perform examinations with the latest endoscopy equipment. HD+ endoscopy together with the new i-SCAN Technology significantly improves disease detection. This new technology in a breakthrough in the identification of patients with esophagitis or other malignant diseases in the gastrointestinal tract and reduces misclassification. The gastroesophageal reflux disease is a common condition in the western world but less than half of patients present endoscopic abnormalities, making a standard procedure unsuitable for diagnosis. High definition endoscopy coupled with i-scan real-time image processing provides visual enhancement has shown potential for differentiation of lesions and possible biopsy, allowing early diagnosis of malignant diseases and treatment. Opinion leaders in Endoscopy confirm: High Definition Endoscopy combined with i-SCAN Imaging Technology is superior in the detection of adenomas and advanced lesions compared to High Definition Endoscopy alone.

  • Ultrasound (sonography) of the abdominal organs
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland
  • Video endoscopy of the stomach (Gastroscopy)
  • Video endoscopy of the colon (Colonoscopy) including polypectomy if necessary (resection of intestinal polyps)
  • Target: Exclusion of illnesses related to the organs examined. The endoscopic examination are performed during intravenous sedation, if wanted.

Vascular system

  • Colour Doppler sonography of the carotid & vertebral arteries (supplying the brain)
  • Colour Doppler sonography of the arteries and veins of the lower and upper limbs
  • Target: Revealing circulatory malfunction and determining your specific vascular risk.


  • Full red and white blood count including leucocyte differentiation and ESR
  • Liver – und renal function tests including electrolytes
  • HbA1c and blood glucose
  • CRP (inflammation marker)
  • TSH (thyroidal function test)
  • NT-pro BNP (monitoring of heart failure)
  • Troponin and D-Dimer (quick test for myocardial infarction of thrombosis & pulmonary embolism)
  • Complete urine analysis
  • Haemoccult test (blood traces in the stool?)
  • All other blood tests can be ordered within a few days in cooperation with German laboratories.
  • Target: General view of your current health situation and constellation of risk factors.

Check Up programme (see more details in “Check-Ups”)

Maintaining your health is our goal since many years. The early recognition or prevention of diseases is important for a timely and effective therapy. Take the liberty for an individual and complete check up within one or two days. An examination of your cardiovascular system and your fitness is as least as important as regular dentist visits.

With the one-day check-up you undergo a series of medical examination stations in the pleasant and friendly atmosphere. At the end, the results may provide a detailed picture of the state of your health. You will have the opportunity to discuss all relevant questions, which are on your mind.

With the 2-day check-up we also may include endoscopic examinations of your colon or stomach.

  • Evaluation of your medical questionnaire and in-depth initial discussion with your doctor
  • Extended blood analysis
  • Thorough physical examination and examination of all relevant organs
  • Detailed final consultation with your doctor and a written intelligible final report.

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