Basic Check-Up:

€ 850.-

  • Evaluation of the your questionnaire and detailed interview about your medical history.
  • Blood analysis including all relevant blood tests such as blood count, liver- and kidney function tests, thyroidal hormones, blood sugar. Tumour markers and vitamins are optional extras.
  • Detailed physical examination
  • X-ray investigation of the lungs (digital x-ray)
  • ECG at rest and exercise ECG
  • Echocardiography of the heart (3D-digital ultrasound-examination)
  • Lung function test (spirometry). Optional test of your physical fitness (spiroergometry)
  • Abdomen ultrasound (liver, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, aorta, urine bladder etc.)
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Detailed final consultation with your doctor and written final report

Expanded Check-Up (in addition to Basic Check-Up):

€ 278.-

  • Ultrasound examination (colour duplex sonography) of the blood vessels in the legs
  • Ultrasound examination (colour duplex sonography) of the carotid arteries (vessels supplying the brain)

Gastrointestinal Check-Up:

In many countries endoscopic capacity cannot currently satisfy the growing demand for colonoscopies and gastroscopies. Regular colonoscopies every three to five years can prevent up to 90% of all fatal colorectal cancers! These studies are performed in deep sedation, so you feel nothing about it.

  • Colonoscopy € 490.- Resection of intestinal polyps if required € 85.- plus histological examination € 45.- each probe
  • Gastroscopy € 450.- (including costs for histological examination of 2 biopsies)

Further investigations such as X-rays (CT-scans, MRI, scintigraphy etc.), cardiac catheterization or pacemaker implantations on request

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