Dr Harry Lövenich-Ciccarello



Dr. med. Harry Lövenich-Ciccarello completed his specialist training at the Krefeld Clinic after completing his studies at the University of Cologne. During his studies he worked in French-speaking Switzerland and Italy. From 2009 he has been treating patients in the Netherlands.

Dr. Lövenich-Ciccarello is a member of the following professional associations:

  • Dutch Association for Neurology (NVN)
  • Dutch Association for Clinical Neurophysiology (NVKNF)
  • Neurovascular Working Group of the NVN
  • Multiple Sclerosis Working Group of the NVN
  • ParkinsonNet
  • He also inspects Dutch hospitals on behalf of the NVN as part of regular quality visits

Dr. Lövenich-Ciccarello speaks German, Dutch, English, Italian, French and Spanish.

“Neurological diseases manifest themselves in a wide variety of complaints. Sometimes these symptoms can seem downright bizarre. Often the underlying disorder is relatively harmless, but sometimes the discomfort is an alarm symptom and urgent action is required.

As a neurologist, I would like to help you to find the cause of your complaints.

It is usually possible to make a diagnosis during the patient interview. The physical examination and additional diagnostics help to confirm or to rule out underlying diseases.

Openness, trust and sufficient time are therefore essential for a good neurological diagnosis.

In the case of chronic neurological diseases, I will accompany you in treating the cause, help alleviate symptoms and support you in maintaining the best possible quality of life. The focus is always on your wishes and needs for optimal health. In close cooperation with my excellent colleagues at the Clinica Picasso, we will optimize your treatment."

Diagnosis and treatment of the following clinical disorders:

  • Migraines, tension headaches, and other headache syndromes
  • Vertigo
  • Stroke and neurovascular diseases
  • lower back pain (in collaboration with Dr. Fischer)
  • Nerve compression syndromes such as the carpal tunnel syndrome (in collaboration with our orthopedist Dr. Fischer)
  • polyneuropathies
  • ALS and neuromuscular diseases
  • Nerve pain (neuralgia)
  • Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders
  • Dementia and cognitive disorders
  • Multiple sclerosis and other inflammatory diseases of the nervous system
  • Epilepsy
  • Syncope and impaired consciousness (in collaboration with the department of internal medicine and cardiology Dr. Chadid
  • Sleep disorders

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