Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPX)
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Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPX)

What is Cardiopulmonary testing?

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing, often abbreviated as CPX, CPEX or CPET, is now the ‘gold standard’ objective tool for the evaluation of cardiopulmonary function and fitness. It is an entirely non-invasive and objective method of assessing integrative exercise responsesinvolving the pulmonary, cardiovascular and skeletal musclesystems, which are not adequately reflected through the measurementof individual organ system function. Hence, CPX evaluates the way in which your heart, lungs and circulation simultaneously respond to exercise.

Why is it done?

Diseases that affect the heart, lungs, circulation or blood may cause an abnormal response to exercise. CPX is used to simultaneously measure many parameters that can then be used to help with a diagnosis or to reassure you as to the cause of your symptoms.

If you are awaiting surgery, CPX may be used to assess your risk of complications and identify any special precautions that may need to be taken to reduce the risk.

When is CPX useful

  • Here are just a few recognised examples
  • Evaluation of exercise tolerance.
  • Evaluation of undiagnosed exercise intolerance.
  • Evaluation of patients with cardiovascular disease.
  • Evaluation of patients with respiratory disease/symptoms.
  • Pre-operative evaluation.
  • Exercise evaluation and prescription for cardio pulmonary rehabilitation.
  • Evaluation of impairment/disability.
  • Evaluation of lung, heart and heart–lung transplantation.
  • Unexplained breathlessness.
  • Healthy subjects wishing to assess their fitness prior to training, in order to help meet personal fitness goals and or weight loss targets.
  • Athletes at all levels needing expert guidance to titrate training programs.

Why not perform a simple treadmill testing rather than CPX testing?

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing adds important additional information to that provided by the standard exercise test. Due to the ability of a CPX to objectively assess breath by breath gas analysis (via a facemask or a fitted mouthpiece a multitude of objective exercise indicators can be collected that simply cannot be ascertained using a normal treadmill or alternative forms of exercise testing.

Why Refer to Heart Clinic Poole for CPX Testing?

At the Heart clinic Poole we use the market leading Ultima CardiO2™ CPX system which uses an all digital data acquisition to MedGraphics’ patented breath by breath gas exchange system (see Figure below). ECG data is displayed on the right hand screen with gas analysis data simultaneously displayed on the left hand screen. This service is not available in most hospitals and is the only Cardiac led service in the South West. It is performed in a dedicated climate controlled room at Poole Hospital. In addition, at Heart Clinic Poole, we have a top grade exercise treadmill and a fully automated electronically braked bicycle (with electronic seat adjust) to provide a full range of exercise stress options.

How do I pay for my test?

All of the major insurance companies recognise CPX testing as a valid method to assess Cardio-pulmonary fitness. However, it is advised that you check with your insurance company prior to your appointment. We are also happy to facilitate those patients who wish to self pay or are self referred (Costs about 170 – 180 Euros).

Please contact Luai Chadid MD for further information: (+34) 677-422 222

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